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You’ve got a website, and it’s a pretty good one, but what do you do with it? How do you get visitors? How can you convert those visitors to followers and customers?

We Take Care of the Ongoing Maintenance, Upkeep, Monitoring and Performance of Your Site.

  • We make sure your WordPress core, theme and plugins are updated regularly and that glitches don’t get past us.
  • We monitor downtime and occasionally check speed and performance for problems.
  • We keep tabs on how many visitors you have and contact you with any unusual patterns
  • We are your go-to person to call with questions or problems with the site. We do our best to offer free solutions that you can perform yourself.
  • Call us if you have a security breach or if something breaks. We will fix minor problems at no additional charge, provide discounted rates for more intricate problems and we have tech geniuses available for coding issues and unusual situations.
  • INCLUDES 1/2 hour of additional work per month on problems, upgrades and extras. Our managed website clients will receive discounted services for anything needed or more complicated than that 1/2 hour.

Managed Website Services

A website is every business’ marketing hub. It is the last step in many chains of marketing efforts which brings potential collectors and clients to you. That is where you have their undivided attention for a short, but important period of time. This is where you convert web traffic into followers and ultimately collectors.

What We Do:

Updates and Conflicts РWordPress updates its core regularly. It is important to keep up with updates for security, speed and performance.  Plugins also need to be updated regularly to avoid conflicts after core updates.

Occasional Tests – With so many moving parts and connections to social networking, search engines, update services, etc. your website can run into a glitch or conflicts that hinder your site speed and connections. We check for significant changes in your site’s speed, overall performance and downtime.

Your Website Traffic – We help you to learn how to read and understand your audience and website traffic numbers and make recommendations to improve those numbers.

We Are Here РWe will answer questions, assess and diagnose website problems and make recommendations as to how to improve your site or fix problems.  Up to one hour of assistance each month.

We also offer fully integrated hosting services where you don’t have to worry about a thing including crazy additional charges by your cheapie hosting company. Our hosting plan offers much better performance and hands on help than the mass hosting companies (just try to get their tech support on the phone, arrgh!) And no surprise bills every year or so which nickel and dime the price up to something unexpected.

Click here if you don’t have a website or if you want to start a new WordPress or Weebly website.

If you already have a live website, select the option you prefer:

  • $35/month after the initial 3 months (discounts available for longer terms)

  • Discounted monthly rates and complimentary setup.

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