Online Support – Our Back Room

The Art Beacon’s Back Room

As a member of The Art Beacon you are invited to join us at our online community on Facebook, The Art Beacon’s Back Room.  The Back Room is a closed, members only group.

  • Ask Questions

Members are urged to ask questions about Facebook, the group, marketing or any online issue. Group members often help each other with answers and we pop in with tips, tricks, how-to’s and we even upload materials and worksheets from our workshops.

  • Stay Up to Date

Discuss features, issues and social networking updates.

  • Share Your News

Share your event with the group.  You’ll receive support from other members sharing your event, commenting and offering promotion ideas.

  • Ask for Facebook Page Likes

All of the artists in our group are there for the same reason: to further their art businesses.  It’s the only place on Facebook where you can ask other people to like your page, post or comment.

Visit The Back RoomYou must be a member of the group