Five Ways to Add More Local Facebook Likes

Facebook users are spread throughout the world, so how can you increase the number of local fans (likes) to your business page?

Having a strategy is key, as is consistently posting interesting and relevant content to your page. Adding these five methods to your Facebook strategy will help to grow your local connections.

#1 Share Photos of You at Local Events

A photo of you at an opening, plein air day or other event is perfect for Facebook. Don’t forget to include a location and tag local businesses or other artists who are in the photo with you. When you tag a business or artist they are notified and will often reciprocate. It is a win-win for everyone involved and it is interesting content for your fans.

#2 Follow Up on In-Person Meetings

Following up after meeting someone in person is essential to good networking, but it is sometimes awkward. When meeting someone at an event, your gallery or an art fair you usually exchange business cards. When exchanging cards ask if s/he is on Facebook and note the name of that person’s Facebook page on the back of their card. Liking that person’s business page or friending them personally is a great way to follow up without much effort and they will often reciprocate.

#3 Meet Community Influencers*

Networking with local influencers can build your brand with clout, respect and confidence. They can help you inspire local action and potentially increase your local visibility. Like their pages, comment on their posts and tag them in yours.

Who are the influencers in your area? Your local influencers are people who have power and a large, dedicated audience. In many cases, these people are the mayor, members of your chamber of commerce, other store owners, a journalist at the local paper or the principal of the local high school.

Take advantage of tools like Klout or Traakr, Google+ Local or to determine who the influencers are in your city.

#4 Support Other Local Businesses*

Support other local businesses by liking their pages, their posts and by commenting on their posts. Working together and supporting other local small businesses are good things for everyone. The audience you’re targeting will appreciate the encouraging and optimistic presence you bring to Facebook and will thank you for it with likes.

#5 Tag Local Businesses in Your Posts*

When you post to your business page tag complementary local businesses, industry leaders, influencers and local events. Keep it relevant — tagging unrelated businesses looks spammy.

*Thank you to Social Media Examiner