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Facebook recently announced that it has significantly changed what we see in our newsfeeds. Facebook regularly makes updates and tweaks, but this one is a pretty big deal.

The change has launched a boatload of speculation. While the expert Internet numbers people work to figure out the full impact, we know a few things.


Facebook Announcement 2018
Facebook Announcement 2018

As users we should see more posts from family and friends, and fewer from businesses we like. As business page owners we will have to be smarter with our efforts to connect with our Facebook communities.


Your Facebook Newsfeed
Your Facebook Newsfeed


What exactly are the changes?  Edgerank, Facebook’s algorithm is secret. But Facebook told us a few things that will help us to adapt our strategies.

Commenting on Facebook Posts is Helpful

Comments are Good (Really Good)


What We Know So Far

  • “Meaningful Conversation” is the driving factor. Generally, the algorithm favors comments and replies more than mere likes on posts. Facebook wants to know a user wants to see posts from a particular business page. That means your posts won’t be seen by your followers unless they comment on your posts. The more often they comment, the more often they will see your posts.
  • Facebook wants users to see more posts from friends and family, and fewer from businesses.  It determines which posts people see in their newsfeed by guessing what the user wants to see. That is determined by Facebook’s algorithm.
  • Facebook’s algorithm will favor videos less than before. Facebook Live videos will be given priority and original videos will perform better than shared videos.
  •  Likes on your posts is no longer a big factor in determining whether that person will see your future posts in their newsfeed. Facebook will favor Meaningful Conversation (discussions with comments and replies).
  • Activity in related groups will be given priority.
  • Posts that are not meaningful and illicit comments and replies are frowned upon. For example, posts that ask followers to choose their favorite color, or whether they are having a good day, will not impress the algorithm.

Users could see this as a positive change.  For those of us with business pages it will take revisiting strategy and some purposeful attention.

Final thought – keep posting good content like informative or interesting blog posts from your website, photos of your artwork, event info, but now add a few words that might spark a nice discussion in your comment section.

Stay tuned. There will be more insight into the new changes after they have been around for awhile.

What is Facebook's Algorithm?
It would be completely overwhelming if the newsfeed showed all of the possible stories from all of your friends and pages you like. So Facebook created an algorithm to predict how interesting each story will be to each user. Then the algorithm filters each user’s newsfeed to only show the top-ranked stories for that particular user. — read more at

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