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Denny Bond

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Denny Bond

An internationally recognized watercolorist living in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Denny Bond graduated from Kutztown University with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Communications. Bond utilizes his design background to combine elements in creating representational paintings that emphasize timeless quality, sometimes real, sometimes imagined.

Currently exhibiting in galleries and museums throughout the world, Bond’s paintings are based within a contemporary culture, but fused by historical interplay.

Bond’s paintings have been featured in The Art of Watercolour, February 2019, The Art of Watercolour, December 2017, The Art of Watercolour October 2017, Splash 17, Watercolor Artist, February 2016, Watercolor Artist, February 2015, Artists Magazine, January 2014, Watercolor Artist, February 2013, The Art of Watercolour, March 2012, Watercolor Artist, October 2011, Watercolor Artist, February 2008, and American Artist, June 2007.

Signature membership:
National Watercolor Society, American Watercolor Society, Philadelphia Watercolor Society, Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, ssg, Philadelphia Watercolor Society, Baltimore Watercolor Society, Watercolor USA, Transparent Watercolor Society of America, Missouri Watercolor Society

Artist Statement

“I search for concept, composition, and detail in a realistic style of painting that is predictable, but a choice of subject matter that is not. My objective is to enjoy the process of painting and to entertain others with the end result.”

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