We equip our artists to expand their art businesses online and in the real world.

It Works Like This:

1. We Take Inventory

We start with a phone call. We discuss where your business is now, your technical skill level and tools available to you. We examine your existing marketing sales pipeline. Finally, you tell us your business goals and direction.

After our phone call, we research and assess your online presence to find opportunities for growth that work with your skills, budget and goals.

2.  We Build Your Action Plan

We put together a bullet point plan of action which will prioritize areas where you can see the most impact for your efforts. Your plan will guide you as you build your online presence. If requested, we will also include estimates for any work you’d like us to do.

We will spend about an hour on the phone going over your plan point by point. During this call, we will work with you to prioritize and focus on the areas which will give you the most return for your efforts. The remainder of the call we will equip you with information and how-to’s so you will be prepared to take action on your plan.

3.  Your Marketing Tool Kit

After our calls you will be equipped to move with a plan to increase your sales and grow your business for the long term.
You will also receive an easy to follow task and resource list.

We’ll will follow up the next month with a coaching call to check in, answer questions, provide technical assistance, training and discuss whatever it takes to help you to stay on your plan.