HUDDLE Sessions

Experience clarity, direction, reduce overwhelm and receive tools to grow your business from your pop-up advisory board. It’s free to all members. You will close out your HUDDLE Session with ideas and resources you couldn’t get on your own and a renewed energy to tackle your business challenges.

Get ready to do a High Five dance because you are in for a great experience!

Upcoming Dates:

[well]We are currently scheduling our HUDDLEs around our members’ schedules. Please contact us with several available dates and your preferred times (2-3 hour blocks) and we will try to fit within your schedule.[/well]


About HUDDLE Sessions

[accordions] [accordion title=”WHAT WILL HUDDLE SESSIONS DO FOR ME?” ] The experience is different for every participant, but everyone experiences positive results through renewed energy, focus and less business overwhelm, even after just one session.

There is a high value in hearing viewpoints from people who are not in your primary circle of acquaintances – business or personal.  HUDDLE participants serve as a sort of “ad hoc advisory board” because they convene, assess a particular challenge, provide fresh, often expert solutions then go away. That temporary nature produces a clarity that is quite unique, fun and beneficial to every participant.

The structure of the Session and the facilitation are what allow clarity and creativity to emerge. The results feel good. [/accordion] [accordion title=”WHAT ARE HUDDLE SESSIONS?”] Four individuals join a structured meeting conducted through video-conference.  After brief introductions, a structured process begins which allows each participant to describe his/her idea, challenge or issue.  Each participant will have an opportunity to sit in a spotlight and receive a tidal wave of guidance and support. After their issue is put on the table, the other participants discuss and offer solutions. [/accordion] [accordion title=”WHO CAN PARTICIPATE?”] We offer HUDDLE Sessions for the benefit of our members, however other professional artists, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals are welcome to participate.

Members of The Art Beacon may participate in one HUDDLE Session per month. Additional sessions may be purchased at a reduced rate or in packages. [/accordion] [accordion title=”WHAT EQUIPMENT DO I NEED?”] Your HUDDLE Sessions are conducted by way of video conference. You only need to have access to a computer camera (webcam) and microphone. Most computers come with built-in cameras and microphones today. Some of our Huddlers use a headset with their webcam because their computer speakers are not good quality or are missing in action. If you are uncertain, consult a technology friend who can assure you of the state of your webcam capabilities or send your certified facilitator an email to help you get set up. Participants are urged to contact the facilitator in advance if they need to test their equipment. [/accordion] [accordion title=”HOW SHOULD I PREPARE”] When it’s your turn in the spotlight you will need to describe a particular challenge to your business. It could be as simple as “how can I increase attendance at my next event?” Or as ambiguous as “I need more time to paint.” You will have a few minutes to describe your issue and provide context and background. Often, the first thoughts are simple like “I need to sell more originals,” or “I need help with everything!” But after a little thought, one pressing challenge can be identified which seems to be slowing things down. Bring that to the table. You will leave the HUDDLE equipped to take on that challenge. [/accordion] [accordion title=”THIS SOUNDS EXCITING BUT I CAN’T THINK OF AN ISSUE I WANT TO DISCUSS”] Many of the HUDDLE Session participants don’t have “issues” or “problems” but they have an idea they want to expand on. Or they have an obstacle that is blocking their progress. Or they have a challenge in their life or career and want feedback from others. You don’t need to make a presentation, just be ready to express a few thoughts about a challenge or issue that you’d like to have resolved or brainstorm. The group will ask clarifying questions to help narrow down your challenge.
You only need to prepare for five minutes thinking about an issue or challenge that may be blocking your success in your business or area of your business. It also may be a challenge that others are having as well. Many people attending the private-label HUDDLE Sessions find value in the wisdom received from the other HUDDLERs who have a mutual interest in the program. Feel free to present an idea you have. The perspectives from your group will provide you with inspiration you would not not have received on your own. [/accordion] [accordion title=”HOW MUCH TIME DO I SET ASIDE TO PARTICIPATE IN HUDDLE SESSIONS?”] Each Huddle Session lasts for two hours plus some chat time. Your preparation time will take you only a few minutes. [/accordion] [accordion title=”ARE HUDDLE SESSIONS CONFIDENTIAL?”] Not exactly. We expect confidentiality and professionalism from all participants; however, you will be talking to people you don’t know, so we cannot guarantee confidentiality. [/accordion] [accordion title=”AM I EXPECTED TO DO WHAT THE TEAM ADVISES?”] No, ma’am/sir! This collaborative process provides teammates with all sorts of invigorating ideas to help solve their challenge, modify their idea or eliminate their problem. What you do with the insights and suggestions is completely up to you. [/accordion] [accordion title=”HOW CAN I BE INFORMED OF FUTURE HUDDLE SESSION DATES?”] We will share new dates on our website, on Facebook and in our monthly newsletter. [/accordion]


*All HUDDLE Session facilitators are trained and certified to conduct HUDDLE Sessions for their groups. If you are a participant in a HUDDLE Session, you can rest assured your facilitator has earned the skills to lead your Sessions as approved.