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Facebook Changes Shape of Profile Pictures

Check Your Profile Photos – Facebook Has Changed Them

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Blog Post Checklist – Writing

360 Kick Start Program

360 Kick Start Program

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Smart Marketing Strategy: Serve Up Your Art In Situ Photos | Artsy Shark
In situ photos are invaluable. You can Photoshop your artwork into a stock photo, or better yet, get into the habit of asking your collectors to send pictures of your art in their homes or offices. Most people will be proud to share their new piece with the world!

Art Business News from Around The Internet

Art Business News – Can You Sell Art on Instagram?
Two interesting blog posts for your art business. The first for artisans considering wholesaling. The other, long overdue – art business in colleges.

We Create Websites for Artists

We Create Custom Websites

Interesting Reads for Your Art Business
Two interesting blog posts for your art business. The first for artisans considering wholesaling. The other, long overdue – art business in colleges.

A Unique and Effective Tool for Consultants and Coaches
HUDDLEs are proving to be extremely valuable to helping our members to move their art businesses to the next level. We highly recommend using this proven process to help your coaching and consulting clients.

Website Tools for Artists – Color Palette Generator

Email Lists and Contacts

Email Lists and Contact Management
Our recommended email marketing and contact management tool is Mailchimp. Free online email marketing solution to manage contacts, send emails and track results. Integrates with all popular programs, social networks and website builders. We recommend Mailchimp for all of our clients who don’t yet have an email marketing and content management tool.

5 Ways to Get More Facebook Likes

Five Ways to Add More Local Facebook Likes

WordPress – Page Builder
Many Art Beacon members who work with WordPress use Page Builder by SiteOrigin. Page builder allows us to easily add blocks of content to our websites and arrange those pages in just about any way we can think of. Recently, there was a major update to Page Builder. It looks a little different, but it is even more powerful and easy to use than before.

Building pages in Page Builder is as easy as it was before the upgrade, but now there are more options to style each block of content and a ton of other features. And all from a free plugin.

Weebly Shopping Cart – Does It Work?
Based on feedback from our customers, they have a love-hate relationship with Weebly’s shopping cart. Let me explain (we also have some Weebly eCommerce examples later, and we’ll go over some external shopping cart tools).

Helpful WordPress Videos

Helpful WordPress Videos from YouTube
This is a very good how-to video which steps through the process of creating a website in WordPress. He uses the theme Vantage which is a solid, free general purpose WordPress theme. It is an excellent choice for a first site or for learning WordPress. There are themes better suited to an artist’s website needs.

Online Support – Our Back Room
As a member of The Art Beacon you are invited to join us at our online community on Facebook, The Art Beacon’s Back Room. The Back Room is a closed, members only group