The Art Beacon Membership

As a member of The Art Beacon, you receive:

  • One-on-one coaching once per month*
  • 1 additional hour of services per month – Your choice. Whatever is needed. Includes website work, technical instruction, writing, research, additional coaching call time.
  • Additional services at a 25% discounted rate.
  • We will follow, regularly give feedback, critique and offer suggestions for your social networking.

Your Online Business Coach

Members of The Art Beacon have the tools, support and information they need to grow their art businesses. If you are focused on the long term growth and success of your business we will support you with all you need to succeed.

* One hour phone calls – We’ll talk by phone or Skype. On our calls we will touch base, work on your website, review progress on your action plan, discuss ways to increase sales, address specific technical questions and keep you moving forward.

Commit to Growing Your Business and Save

  • 1 Month of Full Membership

  • 3 Months of Full Membership – Discounted

  • 6 Months of Full Membership – Discounted More

  • 1 Year of Full Membership – Discounted the Most


Or Pay As You Go
Easy Monthly Autopay

By making secure automatic monthly membership payments from your bank account or credit card there is never a fear that your membership will expire.

There are no contracts, so you are free to cancel at any time.

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